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"...Additionally, the Barcelona Code School program is legit. And the price point can't be beat. You will learn the top coding languages to date and once you put those on your resume and LinkedIn you will have recruiters calling you. They teach a really great course, I know this because I compared them with similar bootcamps in Barcelona but also in California. Best of luck!"

— Diane

“From zero understanding, and repeating sometimes the same question, George was patient in getting me to understand the fundamentals. Via the class chat room, we also had immediate feedback. A really great teacher and I highly recommend his courses.”

— Nurjannah

“My son spent the Easter-break with Barcelona Code School, and – besides having a lot of fun – he learned a lot. We’re looking forward to your summer coding school! Well done team! Definitely recommended.”

— Andras Bacsa

“This workshop helped a lot to keep me updated with my job! Now I’m ready to build e-commerce shops”

— Andrea Moriset

“I really liked the course because of the individually adjusted pace. I did not feel stupid asking questions and making mistakes and I really feel that I learned a lot.”

— Kai Niehues

“If you are thinking of making your own website, I highly recommend “Create a website from zero with WordPress” workshop. George is extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. He offered me several suggestions on alternative pathways, took the time to answer questions and discuss my concerns, and helped me figure out exactly what I need to do to make everything fall into place. It’s been a valuable experience for me. Thank you very much!!”

— Maria Frolova

“I did the weekend course last week and was really glad I did it. For me the last part of the course (a test of our skills) was really usefull. I would suggest to do something also the first day. So that what is explained can be applied and tested the same day. In our case we only did it the last day, I would suggest doing it the first day as well.”

— Lesley Wardenaar

“This workshop is very efficient and worth the price. Every single minute you learn something. You can ask questions, you can solve your own website problems and you meet George who doesn’t mind to help you in some urgent wordpress situations outside of the class. George is calm, patient and just nice to deal with. Thank you and see you again I suppose!”

— Pau Lin

“Fantastic workshop!! It has been really helpful everything I learned at George´s class. He is an amazing teacher, very patient and has tons of knowledge. I absolutely recommend this workshop, it has opened a new road for me in my graphic design skills and I will be forever thankful for everything learnt here. Best wishes for you George!”

— Maite

“I definitely recommend the WooCommerce class to anyone wanting to build his/her own e-commerce site. George went through the whole process step by step and made it very easy to understand. No previous knowledge of WordPress was necessary but it does help. It was a great class. Thanks George!”

— Missy

“As we are no experts in the matter George adapted very well to our level of knowledge and taught us a little bit of the basics. After this workshop we felt that this truly was a very good choice to introduce us to WP and to give us a clear idea of its possibilities. George’s availability and concern has been profoundly appreciated.”

— Mario & Tara

“Excellent, down to Earth, super practical, engaging, inspiring. Worthwhile and a must.”

— Miguel López

“For those willing to learn how WordPress works, this is a great introduction to it!”

— Marc Costafreda