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Key difference between in-person and online bootcamps

Like many aspects of our fast-paced world, education has come a long way from the dusty green chalkboards of our childhoods. More and more people and institutions are turning to modern ways of connecting and teaching today’s students.

And what could be more innovative than tech?

No longer a field by itself, technology has integrated into other sectors, influencing anything from agriculture to sports to fashion. Companies are struggling to keep up, and many opportunities to fill these jobs open up to developers who have never stepped foot in a university to get a Computer Science degree.

But how does one become a developer without getting a degree? The quickest and most effective way these days is to join a bootcamp. Bootcamps are designed to take a student from zero knowledge to a fully-trained developer for a fraction of the time. Offered both in-person and online, students can choose the learning method to suit their needs and level of dedication. We’ll break down the options to help you better choose.

In-person Bootcamp

The pros:

Putting yourself in a completely immersive and dynamic learning environment is the most effective learning method. On campus, you’ll be surrounded by peers who, like you, have chosen to be here because of their drive, curiosity, and willingness to learn a new field – helping you stay focused and motivated. You’ll also have full access to the instructors, which mean you’ll be able to address all your doubts as you’re having them. There will be opportunities to work with each other, such as pair programming, and build a team rapport that will be important later on when working as a developer, or even as a project manager or entrepreneur.

The cons:

The schedule could seem a bit too intensive for those who have other commitments such as a job, family, or live far from where bootcamps are held.

Online Bootcamp

The pros:

You’ll learn exactly the same curriculum as your peers, but without having the commute or be on a strict day-to-day schedule. With our more economic online bootcamp, modules can be accessed at your convenience, at any time of the day, and at the pace that suits you, whether it be faster or slower. Our lectures are even available in virtual reality and you can feel part of the action with your VR goggles. Best of all, you’ll receive the same mentorship from your instructors with weekly one-on-ones, and continuous online support. While the online bootcamp usually takes 9 weeks to complete, it could be extended 4 more weeks should you be taking it part-time, and you’ll have access to the materials after the course.

The cons:

You’ll miss out on interacting with your peers and instructors. Not having minute-to-minute guidance means that it may be more challenging to complete on your own.

The conclusion

Whether you choose in-person or online, you’ll get the same comprehensive training to prepare you for a career in web development. You’ll have access to all the material, our instructors and the post-grad job support.

So it’s up to you to choose your path on how you want to upgrade yourself! Compare both formats, read some reviews from our former students and make your mind.

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