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Student’s story: Brianna Fritsch

Brianna Fritsch: my experience at Barcelona Code School

Brie, a go-getter that sets out to achieve whatever she puts her mind to, came to us in Barcelona Code School from the U.S.A. Having already worked in a number of different fields, including veterinary medicine and personal training, she then focused on Marketing in order to be able to lead a digital nomad life. Which is how she set her sights to learn coding through our JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp.

“My goal is to use my knowledge to help my current company improve in deficient areas, and to potentially move into a new career field that will allow me to perpetuate my digital nomad lifestyle. I truly find coding fascinating and rewarding. To be able to see my efforts in coding come to development is truly rewarding, so I am open to the opportunities this would allow me.”

Even with her outstanding scholastic achievements and broad work experience, she still had some doubts before beginning the course.

“I was not sure I would be able to learn such a complex skill since it was all very new to me.”

Which is normal when undertaking anything new and challenging. Brie pushed her doubts aside to make room for an exciting life with new skills and opportunities.

“I was ready to make a change in my career path and push myself past my comfort zone and learn something completely out of my element.”

Brie mentioned that she had to overcome her frustration when she did not grasp the material right away but spoke of the factor that helped her not give up:

“Without a doubt the instructors. They continued to motivate me and remind me that I would get it if I kept practicing. They encouraged me to keep going because if it was that easy to become a developer then everyone would be doing it. They really helped me to keep going even my moments of frustration and defeat. They remained calm and worked with me to understand the concepts I was struggling with which really helped me want to keep trying. They believed in me when I did not believe in myself which really says a lot about their passion behind what they do.”

Not only did she learn how to code, but acquired new skills in UI/UX as well. She talks about her experience in the workshops.

“I loved it! The UI/UX was my favorite part of the course. I found this most helpful because I realized how much I enjoyed doing design work which ultimately helped me determine which direction I wanted to go when starting a new career. “

Brie, having overcome her frustrations shares some wise words for future students.

“Just keep going - you can do it! Also, just be ready to give the course 100% by doing the prep work and clearing your schedule when doing the course.”

She has already taken advantage of her new skills, “I have started using what I have learned from the course in my new job working as a project manager with my development team and as a webpage designer. “

Brie’s success through the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp has also brought her not just professional skills, but something that she truly enjoys.

“I am so thankful I did the course. It has helped me network with people that are helping me jump start my new career and also it helped me gain the skills I needed to get into a new career- that I love!”

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